Jan Sunday

Influenced by the narratives and portrayals of ancient civilization, political theories, punk rock, the sacred feminine, dystopian novels, and the concept of time, Filipino contemporary artist Jan Sunday creates work that are emblematic of her own obsessions, while also addressing notions of gender expression and identity.

Sunday’s mysterious and impish tapestries, photographs, and paintings offer voyeuristic glimpses into intimate moments where the work itself engages in acts that seem at once seductive, serious, and playful at the same time. For her, these works explore notions of relocation, displacement, and vulnerability. Her subjects, whether they’re bodies, lingerie, food, spaces, or objects represent her own experiences, and in her enlightenment, the multifaceted identities of women. What’s important to Sunday is connecting with her process, and in her own suspension of time, she is consumed by more discoveries of the self and the world around her.

“My works are either introspective or born from my fascination with the esoteric, divine femine, ancient goddess theories and time space and/or multidimensionality. This brought me to experiment with the photographic material; that is a moment in time captured and embedded on a surface, with distressing, painting over and layering with mirrors to add more depth and a transcendental factor”. This is evident Sunday’s highly-imaginative, brooding, and introspective art beguiles not only the curious but also the indifferent. If you can’t relate, you will, in due time.

Jan Sunday is a Filipino contemporary artist from Cebu whose multidisciplinary work includes photography, mixed media, video, and installations. She works mostly in black and white imagery. Her first solo show “2000 Years” was in 2019 at Mono8 Gallery, and she has participated in several group shows in galleries across Cebu and Metro Manila. She was part of the group show “Misteryo ng Tuwa”, a collection of erotic works of her female contemporaries at Art Informal gallery in 2020.