About Vintana

Vintana.ph was founded in 2019 in response to an opportunity in the market to bring Philippine art to the world. It was built on the vision of a cultural awakening to a massive cache of talent that has thus far been kept hidden and inaccessible to a wider audience. We believe that art is an integral part of being human: the desire to express and appreciate beauty in all its forms is integral to the experience of being alive. Vintana.ph seeks to provide the conduit to facilitate this.


Our Purpose

The core of our vision is split in two halves.

First: We recognize the gift of homegrown talent. Filipino artists have been making their mark in the international arts scene. Their works have graced not only galleries and museums all over the world, but the homes of private collectors and enthusiasts alike. It is this repect and recognition that compels us to exclusively support local artists and prodivde them with an atlernative and easy to use venue to feature their work.

Second: We believe that the world deserves to see what Filipino artists are truly capable of. By democratizing access to Philippine art with the use of technology we seek to level the playing field. In allowing everyone a chance to view and purchase a piece of Philippine creativity, we hope that this leads people all over the world to take a close look at the beautiful country that inspired it.

Why We Provide

We provide because of our love for Philippine art, and our strong belief that it stands strong among its peers in the international art community. We believe that in order for it to reach its full potential, it needs a strong platform for exposure. We have built and developed Vintana.ph to provide that foundation, from which artists can showcase their work to the world.

Our Resources

We recognize that our greatest resource is an almost inexhaustible well of creativity stemming from local artists who have a natural drive to express themselves through a broad range of media. We seek to capture this unique, local flavour and bring it to the world.

We are committed to our cause by supporting a growing pool of Filipino artists who come from a diverse range of backgrounds: from established and esteemed members of the Philippine art community, to promising up-and-coming artists, to exceptionally talented art students. We source artwork directly from the artists and catalogue them and handle their marketing and logistics. This simplified process allows the artist to focus on creating art and push the boundaries of creativity.


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