Geremy Samala
Fascinated with time, space, and illusion, Filipino contemporary artist Geremy Samala paints exuberant collision of colors and stylistic images that carve out expansions as forms of expressionism. Samala fulfills beyond the forward-looking promise of nom de graf through his use of abstraction that swells forms beyond realism to include impressionistic fields of color, blooming flowers, and surrealistic landscapes that seem to be in motion even when holding still. In an energetic dance and carom, Samala’s celestial bursts of hues float across astral planes as stylized atoms. Looking closely, his body of work seems as though they’re passing through the canvas rather than settling within it, opening a small window onto an inexpressible cosmos. The skittering, hectic forms and negative space recalls a kind of placid spiritualism at work—a collision of the natural and the unknowable that seems to make the entire canvas hum. Geremy Samala is a Filipino contemporary artist with a BFA degree from Far Eastern University He has participated in numerous solo and group shows including Underground Gallery, West Galley, Modeka, Kaida Contemporary, Artery Art Space, Ocula, and ALT Philippines. Samala’s techniques are centered on grids, stencils, and tape with the use of various types of paints and media.