Bea Gison
Bea Gison is an Ilongga artist whose works can be distinguished by intricate details and concepts in acrylic, watercolor, and ink. She’s currently experimenting with different mediums such as ash, terracotta and assemblage in different art styles spanning symbolism, conceptual art and abstraction. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy; she incorporates biomedical and anatomical subjects in her artworks and integrates it with symbology. Her paintings, drawings and sculptures reflect topics on societal and environmental issues, mental health, healing, and spirituality. Gison is a member of the Himbon Contemporary Ilonggo Artists Group and Hubon Ilonggo Visual Artists Collective of Iloilo and has been joining local group exhibits since 2014. She has also participated in online art shows across the Philippines since 2020. She is currently Xilium Professional Services’ artist in residence.