Tin Garcia

In the installation art, hand sculpted pieces, and mixed media paintings that compose the gamut of her art practice, Filipina contemporary artist Tin Garcia displays an interest in truth, free from reverence and armed with a fascination for what's absurd, twisted, or morbidly funny.. But if there's one source of images and narratives that exemplifies Garcia's mind, it's Alice in Wonderland with its distinct fantastic characters and its curious protagonist.

Known for working around themes of death, domesticity, fetish, and feminism, Garcia returns to again to an Alice-like image of a girl subjected to the madness and of the world and her own mind, even as she takes side trips that examine the humor of kink, the power dynamics of bondage, and sad ironies of the cult of glamour and celebrity. Garcia also often blurs the line between realms of art and the ordinary by transposing an image or a theme, examining its meanings through different forms of display, subverting the white cube with forms and materials of a prayer book, advertisements, a garden, a BDSM parlor, a tea party, a living room, and more.

Tin Garcia is a Filipina contemporary artist who has had several solo shows since her first in 2009. She also regularly exhibits in group shows with other artists.