Krista Nogueras

Drawing from visual influences that include creatures, biology, the macabre, and the myth of Ouroboros, Filipina contemporary artist Krista Nogueras continues to push the boundaries of her experience of clay or the delicate and painstaking process of making stoneware. Her experimentation and exploration of this medium is motivated by something that can only be described as spiritual. For her, working with clay satisfies something deep within. It is grounding, a means to collaborate with nature and connect to being human.

Sensitive to the ebb and flow of forms, her experimentations with this medium have often resulted in curious juxtapositions. Human parts and fragments from nature; spinal columns, serpentine bodies, cocoon-like structures, and lichen textures combine in her ceramics to embody primal forces and dualities, such as anxiety and fascination. This visual vocabulary is rooted in things that have a deep psychological connection for her. These things include objects she collected as a child or imagery that articulates her present state and circumstances.

Krista Nogueras earned her BFA from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 2009. She has exhibited her work locally and internationally. Her first solo exhibition Lake Predicament at Artinformal Gallery was shortlisted for the Fernando Zobel Prize for Visual Arts at the 2019 Ateneo Art Awards. In 2018 Nogueras participated in a month-long residency at T U Collab in Singapore.