Jucar Raquepo

Over the last twenty years, Filipino contemporary artist Jucar Raquepo has worked across different artistic disciplines such as painting, installation, assemblage, and video art. His paintings the majority of his work, have been defined by pictorial experiments with imagery that references and even questions art history, popular culture and personalities, politics, Philippine history and society, and Philippine contemporary art. Meanwhile inseparable from these artistic endeavors is Raquepo's role as a husband, a homemaker, a father, and a teacher.

Audiences have come to expect a variety of emotions and visual styles from Raquepo's canvases, from comical and satirical pastiche, to playful abstractions, to refined, even sentimental collage-based paintings featuring scenes and items of Philippine history. All of them have one thing in common: a cerebral assessment and reassessment of associations and meanings and the drive to create something new.

Raquepo's works have been showcased in solo and group shows in the Philippine most acclaimed galleries, such as Liongoren Gallery, Pinto Art Gallery, Finale Art File, Boston Gallery, West Gallery, Vargas Museum, NCCA Gallery, and Manila Contemporary. He has also had exhibitions in Incheon Art Platform in Incheon, Goliath in Brooklyn, Freies Museum in Berlin, 8 Salon in Hamburg, NBRHC in Ontario, and Whitewater Gallery in North Bay. He Participated in the following artist residency programs; the Changdong National Art Studio in 2010, the Incheon Art's Foundation's Gate Project in the same year, and ArtsHealth North in Ontario in 2012.