Isha Naguiat

In many of Filipina Contemporary artist Isha Naguiat’s works, there is a sensation that can be likened to a longing for a sense of wholeness or a rootedness. Naguiat continually visualizes and questions these soul-defining connections in the many artifacts she makes by hand. These include photographic prints, sculptures, installations, and embroidery.

Naguiat’s memories are the building blocks for her practice. And it is this engagement with the hands, for instance in the photographic prints she alters with embroidery or the house-shaped lanterns she assembles, that further emphasizes her own meditative resolution of memories, a working-out or perhaps emptying out of these connections.

Isha Naguiat (b. 1994) is a visual artist from Manila, Philippines. She graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts majoring in Painting. She often uses textile, embroidery and photo transfer to create works that revolve around time, space, memory or identity. She has participated in several group exhibitions since 2011 and was an artist-in-resident at Takt Gallery in Berlin, Germany in 2017. In 2019 she exhibited her first solo shows with Vinyl on Vinyl (Makati, Philippines) called “Little Packages of Incomprehensible Things” and “This used to be a house” with Finale Art File (Makati, Philippines).