Erik Sausa

Erik Sausa is a Filipino contemporary artist who primarily works on leave out shapes (bare canvas). He often experiments on reflective materials like mirrors, aluminums, water, and used found objects such as discarded stickers, dice, marbles, etc. Sausa also dabbles in acrylic emulsion transfer, a wheat paste type of process or photocopy manipulation that is heavily used in his photographs, paintings, installations, cataloging, and documentation. According to him, the “old school” process that he often applies on his pieces is considered an unfinished thought process. He usually plays on the concept of nostalgia while embracing contemporary motifs.

“My approach in art making was all about thought-process and I often delved on re-inventing the subject and materials while I progressively explored my propensity for several years now. And along the way, I still never fully realized how both the process and the concept will be a coherent framework to my stimulus and recurring themes that embodied some of my recent works. And I have to come across relentlessly with these personal pursuits.”

Sausa has participated in shows across notable galleries in Metro Manila including West Gallery, Blanc Gallery, and Whitespace Manila.