Angela Gaddi

Music, arts and culture writer, future novelist, and visual artist Angela Gaddi, is the ideal glimmering fascia of a library incarnate, sans the overdue fines of course. Her extensive acquaintance and refined pickings of artists and legends and their respective work are matched with her identical fondness of music, art, multihued looks, and her consummate obsession with Coca-Cola.

That and her inherent talent for words is a fine analogous expression of her arresting style and fearless self-examination of her oeuvre: beautiful and storied as Stephen King’s disarmingly laid back prose, eloquent as Virginia Woolf’s letterings, reckless yet free as Jack Kerouac’s fast-forward life, as candid and infatuated as Paula Rego’s subjects though not as figuratively neurotic as Sylvia Plath’s repute (whom she can relate to so much), but she takes on The Bell Jar author’s cool and controlled reading style, a plus-emphasis on her drive and energy. Gaddi, along with friends, runs an online gallery called Vintana.

Angela Gaddi is a Filipino contemporary artist who has participated in group exhibitions such as “Imagine Her, Just As Strange As You” at Giant Dwarf Art Space in 2021, and Bloom Exhibit 2021.

“My paintings and drawings are faithful punk missives on love, angst, death, feminine wiles, and the tragedy of growing up. They often blur the lines between the sensual and grotesque to address or break contemporary beauty ideals, sexuality, and views on female domesticity.”

Words by: Abe Billano