Tissa Pagaduan

At first glance, you would guess that some of Filipino artist Tissa Pagaduan’s artworks were created in pastel. With the delicate soft touches that culminates in hazy strokes and beautiful blended colors, Pagaduan extends her sensitivity in the images she paints. She sketches and paints using acrylic on various canvasses to create the perfect mood of a woman who is in perpetual wonder.

Pagaduan seems to paint to invite us to peep through a secret door where it brings us to a garden filled with brimming flowers, plants, trees. Occasionally, you’ll enter worlds where angels exist and the skies are dotted with neon stars or frequently spot a girl taking care of her plants and other living things. What matters in her own world is that there is beauty and hope in every treasure she finds.

Tissa Pagaduan is a Filipino artist and illustrator who is a Business graduate from College of the Holy Spirit. She manages a family business and a collaborative brand called Tingkad. Pagaduan describes herself as an urban sketcher and is a member of Urban Sketchers Manila. She has participated in a 2-man and 3-man show including group shows in various galleries and her works have been featured in several publications. She is currently part of Vintana’s Christmas group show entitled “Spirits of Unsung Christmas Carols”.