Sher Cajucom

Life experience and personal encounters are the common theme in Filipino artist Sher Cajucom’s paintings, sketches, and drawings. Her physical and emotional pain seem to be starkly depicted in her self portraits perhaps to capture various versions of herself. If you take a closer look, you can easily sense the kindred female bond between the artist and the beholder.

Interestingly, Cajucom’s self portraits seem to be a careful examination of her emotions--most of them exude confidence and honesty. While taking a selfie might be easier and more pliable to fit social beauty standards, they are inherently replaceable. If you don’t like the image you capture, you can simply take another one. For Cajucom, her self portraits are more deliberate and introspective. Taking more time and effort to create, Cajucom appropriates the psychological impact of objectification and faces it with unwavering courage.

Sher Cajucom is a Cainta-based Fiipino artist whose works mostly consist of self portraits that are heavy with personal human experience. She dabbles in a surrealistic approach to transform her energy into pieces of art. View her work “I Cannot Give You Everything” on Vintana’s Christmas exhibit called “Spirits of Unsung Christmas Carols”.