Ramon Zulueta

For the last decade, Ramon Zulueta has been working surrounded by tropical trees and urban sprawl. His visual style is heavily inspired by a life-long love affair with Mod, a style movement that started with American jazz and European fashion in the Fifties and evolved into a counterculture that influences art, fashion, and music to this day.

His paintings, drawings, collages, and installations are deeply rooted in the Mod movement’s history and rules of style. Each piece pursues the Mod idea of cool and mines its history for icons and mementos: European design, pop cinema, decked-out Vespas, bum freezer jackets, power chords, soul music, and Paul Weller.

Raz uses a collage approach to painting, easily mixing together a jumble of images with the use of pencil, water color, and pastels into complex pictures. Often surrounded by blaring music, toys, plastic detritus, cigarette butts, and photographs, the results of his imagination are always imbued by a unique energy , taking the guise of album covers, instagram posts, rock-n-roll fliers, and scenes from unknown movies.

Ramon Zulueta has had a solo show and had several group shows at known galleries, such as Underground Art Gallery, J Studio, and Vinyl on Vinyl.

See more from this Mod-inspired artist at his exclusive exhibition, "The Weekend Starts Here."