Marionne Contreras

Working with a variety of materials from fiberglass installations, textile-based sculptures to mixed media assemblages, Filipino artist Marionne Contreras’ practice explores the mechanics of perception and fallibility of observation through a play between the visual and the tactile.

Contreras’ work will almost instantly tell you that her interests lie in how she delicately yet candidly handles and navigates materials, objects, and space--and how this process can define stories behind her sculptures, paintings, and assemblages. The things she creates propose a re-imagining of these definitions, offering an alternative shape to our impression of things, using the simplicity of materials to explore the complexity of living and non-living things.

Through the substance she chooses, whether they’re fabric, paint, yarn, thread, wire, or scraps, her art becomes the catalyst for addressing the emotional impact of contemporary pressures. There is elegance and sophistication and a coalescence of joy and melancholia. Through Contreras’ alterations some form of life returns in a very visceral way.

Marionne Contreras is a Filipino visual artist who often works with various materials and media to create sculptures, assemblages, and paintings. She had a one-woman exhibition in the Cultural Center of the Philippines called “A Collection Of Bruises, Curses, Baby Teeth” in 2018. She continues to participate in various solo and group exhibitions across the Philippines.

Images: Modeka, Artist's Instagram