Lui Gonzales

The contemplative drawings and layered works of Lui Gonzales explore perspectives and perceptions over an extended period of time. To evoke a sense of three-dimensionality, Gonzales uses tracing paper, portraits, objects, and scenes, and delicately layers torn shreds to create faceted, dynamic images.

Gonzales’ intricate approach to weaving spaces and lines presents her perceptions of time and her relationship with her subjects in a stereoscopic manner that produces a meditative quality. For example, she explores the concentrated language of form, space, and volume to highlight her pictorially constructed illusions, finishing each layer through a cumulative sequence of intuitive yet complex decisions initiated from the first mark. The sense of her art as wrought photos is both wistful and coherent.

Additionally, Gonzales is driven to capture not what the motif may look like, but the experience it engenders, in such a way to create a degree of emotional equivalence that exists between looking and matter, resolved through an attention to particular compositional structure.

Lui Gonzales is a Filipino contemporary artist who has been actively participating in exhibits in the Philippines and abroad. She graduated from University of the Philippines, Diliman with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She was chosen as one of the representatives of the Philippines for the ASEAN Youth Camp for Visual Arts in 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Among her notable shows are her first solo exhibition at Eskinita Art Gallery in 2018 called “Colorless Confetti”, succeeded by two solo shows at Ayala Artist Space, Kaida Contemporary Gallery, and Art Verite Gallery. In 2020, she was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Gallery’s Marciano Galang Acquisition Prize. Previously, Gonzales was also involved in group shows in Modeka Art, Art Cube Gallery, Art Informal, Tin-Aw Art Gallery, Big Sky Mind, Provenance Art Gallery, Mono8 Gallery, Singapore and Indonesia and is currently part of a group show entitled “Part & Parcel” at Ysobel Art Gallery, BCG, Taguig City. Gonzales also plays in a band.