Lampu Kansanoh

Most if not all of Thai artist Lampu Kansanoh’s paintings are fun and playful caricatures with oversized heads and larger-than-life facial expressions. In this signature style, Kansanoh paints monumental vibrantly colored vignettes of daily life scenes with vivid and frenetic brushstrokes.

Kansanoh’s compositions seem to move dynamically like raw hand-held camera footage frozen at an awkward moment. Faces burst from the canvas as every expression is made more dramatic through exaggeration, transforming banal slices of life like a ride on the subway into a scene full of life and personality.

In her caricatured depiction of ordinary people, monks, and politicians alike, Kansanoh actually reveals a deep affection for them. As she emphasizes the comedic appearances of ordinary day-to-day experiences, she is able to inject sincerity, kindness, joy, and beauty to the serious side of Thai life. They take on an air of optimism through humorous parody.

Lampu Kansanoh is a star of the Thai art scene and has exhibited in galleries and museums both in Thailand and many other countries, such as MOCA Thailand, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan, Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris, G13 Gallery in Korea, to name a few.

Sources: Lampu Kansanoh, Yavuz Gallery