The work is part of his same-titled solo exhibition at Finale Art File from 12 February to 2 March 2013.

'Chabet’s most recent exhibition at Finale Art File, which is composed of three interlinked pieces — a hollow block labyrinth embedded with shards of glass, a red nylon cord descending from the ceiling into a pool of red tangles and a set of red fluorescent arrows pointing to all directions — is a metaphor for winding journeys. Art-making in itself is such a trip, with artists often going through an exhaustive process of deduction and discovery. The same can be said for viewers of art; they too sometimes undergo a tortuous course in order to really see art.

In ancient times, a labyrinth is a man-made structure that represents our aspiration to reach the inner sanctum of the gods. It is a physical object, an inward spiraling path, which the body must encounter. Used by mystics, it is a symbolic pilgrimage to a different level of consciousness. A labyrinth is experienced from within but it can also be viewed as a sign from above. It embodies a dual state of 'disorder and order, confusion and clarity — a planned chaos'.

In Chabet’s work, the gallery space is also a labyrinth, a sacred space, which we enter in order to experience the epiphanies conjured through the collision of his various 'anxious objects'. The objects stand in for Ariadne’s thread, physical markers with multiple meanings, which we need to trace. As we move into the space, we follow a circuitous route that leads to a contemplative state, an awareness of the artist’s 'no place'.'