Kirk Dijamco

There’s something properly punk and sentimental about Filipino artist Kirk Dijamco’s oeuvre. Using mainly the human figure as the central element of his work, his ideas, current interests, and obsessions become the veins that connect to the heart of his subjects. With an epistolary-like approach, he tells his own story using mostly one figure. And for him, that’s how a painting starts.

Dijamco creates his characters just like how a writer creates theirs. Instead of beginning with the anatomical foundation, he instead focuses on the soul of his composition---the complexities, the subtleties, and the psychological intricacies of his heroes and villains. It’s evident in his works how his figures convey a sense of drama--in his narrative, scenes are heightened by his use of intense hues and lucid lines that allow light deep inside the painting. Contrary to the ubiquitous presence of paintings on social realism, Dijamco touches on the wonders and volatility of one’s heartache and euphoria. The finished product is a heady mix of spirits---depending on your mood.

Kirk Dijamco is a self-taught Filipino contemporary artist. His works reflect mostly classical style with religious themes and solo figures. He is heavily influenced by Francisco Goya and Diego Velasquez. Dijamco has participated in group shows at prominent galleries around Metro Manila such as Artery Art Space and Vinyl on Vinyl.