Kean Larrazabal

Kean Larrazabal’s work occupies a space between cut-out cardboards and poetry. A self-taught painter and sculptor from Cebu City, the central theme of Larrazabal’s art focuses on social issues and are inspired by allegories from various stories of the streets.

Larrazabal uses cardboard boxes to encourage waste management and highlight his advocacy on transforming discarded materials into works of art. In his cardboard paintings, you’ll immediately notice how his images depict the different faces of an impoverished Filipino caught in the incessant daily hardships of life. As Larrazabal explores the depth perception of his country’s state, he discovers the simple joys of the Filipino too. Whether it’s cheap, strong beer, fish heads and roses, or a maneki-neko (lucky cat), Larazzabal carefully exhibits what could be symbols of hope, happiness, and comfort to the weary Filipino.

Kean Larrazabal is a young visual artist who is originally from Iligan City but is now based in Cebu. He has been featured in various publications and exhibits in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. Larrazabal continues to participate in group shows and is currently part of Vintana’s Christmas group exhibit “Spirits of Unsung Christmas Carols”.