Jared Yokte

In his amorphous, mythical figures, Filipino contemporary artist Jared Yokte traverses a journey from figurative to formless, spiritual to rural, anthropological to individualistic, from sexual and corporeal to almost abstract. His unique viewpoint on structure, capacity, and representation of intricate lines combine strange visual elements to embody his inward perception that manifests into his own ethereal world.

Yokte investigates the emotional content of chromatic expression through schematized line works that often depict catastrophic events or a paradise of spiritual salvation. His fundamental ideas of unifying twisty musculature forms may appear outré but this plays a big part in enabling his astonishing imaginative leap into an unknown yet familiar habitat. And although Yokte’s narrative and visual connections are vivid and original, it is also of its time. While in this period, the artist himself finds the urgency to escape the decay of an urban existence. However, he does not abandon his cultural roots and in his work, he ceaselessly champions the importance of telling a story in the most visually poetic way.

Jared Yokte is a Filipino contemporary artist who was born in Davao Oriental but resides in Tarlac. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions across prominent galleries in Metro Manila such as Blanc Gallery, Vinyl on Vinyl, Art Verite Gallery, Art Fair Philippines, ALT Philippines, and Leon Gallery. He is also the illustrator of the children’s book “Ang Aklatang Pusa” written by renowned writer Eugene E. Vasco.