Indya Gokita

Filipino contemporary artist Indya Gokita’s kinetic and prismatic creations include secular abstracts that translate exceptionally well into textile mediums including area carpets and tapestries. But more than that, her pictorial vocabulary stretches into its own particular, unique, and artistic style that carries an idea of a steady vertical climb symbolizing an aspiration toward the infinity of space, an ascension approaching the spiritual invisibility hidden in the ethereal light of a cosmic void.

Gokita’s thread work unfolds in their often-halting dissemination and lends weight to the assorted shapes, symbols, patterns, and images spread across her material. She harmonizes the swirling polyphony of her handtufted rugs by carefully and intuitively selecting characteristic colors. A key element to the balance in Gokita’s work is the reflective introspection between human experience and the cosmos and how this unlocks a coup d'œil of the workings of the universe. Seeing it from Gokita’s lens and craft serves a refreshingly delightful and trippy experience—a ride into the vastness of space and time.

Indya Gokita is a Filipino contemporary artist who melds cotton thread craft among other thinsg, contemporary art, and pop culture through her multidisciplinary practice. She has exhibited in prominent galleries across the Philippines including a solo show in West Gallery. She also runs Bad Student, a risograph press and design studio and Polly Patch, a whimsical retail store of novelty items.