Ian Inoy

Filipino artist Ian Inoy’s primal, haphazard paint strokes and rugged sculptures convey energy, strength, and anxiety all at once. There’s also a stoic power to them, even as profound emotion comes forth as a sense of freedom.

A shocking vitality is almost always present in most if not all of Inoy’s work--an aggression that transforms emotion and fury into substance and matter. Whether he’s creating sublime fields of color or visible terrains, his configurations morph into a focused and open spiritual plane on which he and his viewers could experience the depth of human emotion. According to Inoy, his artistic explorations which are mainly from Western and Asian influences are furthered by using other media like his own body.

Ian Inoy is a Quezon province-based Filipino multidisciplinary artist whose works mostly depict marine and aquatic patterns. Through his creations, he aspires to help viewers see beyond the limitations of their own eyes. He is an active advocate for the environment and has participated in international and local shows across notable galleries. He is a recipient of several art awards and has been recently featured in Manila Bulletin for his series of works. Inoy is presently part of Vintana’s Christmas group exhibit “Spirits of Unsung Christmas Carols” pesenting a painting entitled Remembering Christmas.