Ev Yu

Intricate, mesmerizing, and exquisitely wild, Filipino contemporary artist Ev Yu’s watercolor paintings observe static and kinetic forms that culminate in an execution of balance. In the compositional harmony of her art, Yu scrutinizes the placement of colors, size of shapes and qualities of surfaces to achieve comic-book-like sequences.

What characterizes Yu’s watercolors is their curious abstract shapes that come together to form representations of scenes, bizarre forms, symbols, patterns, and at times anatomical figures. Some of these works emerge with a Rorschach likeness —as if to draw the viewer to examine an illusory experiment. In Yu’s signature abstract shapes and gradients of colors, we see her thought process and how she methodically yet instinctively blends them onto surfaces to leave stains that would give her work a sense of perpetual movement.

Ev Yu is a Filipino contemporary artist who uses watercolor as her main medium. She is inspired by the sequential nature of comic books which she incorporates in her work as abstract forms, patterns, and static and kinetic forms. She has participated in numerous shows across notable galleries such as West Gallery, Mo Space, Blanc Gallery, Artery Art Space, Altro Mondo, Mono 8 Gallery, Galerie Stephanie, Project 20, District Gallery, and Kinkan Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Yu is also involved in the production of zines for the Studio Soup Library.