Dina Gadia

Absurd, amusing, funny, and playful are the typical reactions to describe Dina Gadia's art.

The reactions are apt. Culling from diverse sources such as advertisements, history, science, fine arts, cinema, comics, accessories of everyday life and pop culture, Gadia puts together carefully balanced images that are irreverent and cheeky, sometimes even corny. They are never overly worked-on and assaulting.

Dina Gadia is a Filipino artist for whom collage or the repurposing of found images is central to her process. Her economy of carefully selected images grew out of her circumstances, her visual language started developing early. "Looking back, I think the lack of things to see during my growing years has been the factor why I love borrowing and lifting images from various sources." Fascinated by what she could get her hands on -- album covers, pulp and pin-up illustrations, old and B movie posters, old textbook illustrations, and even handpainted signage, she uniquely filters them gracefully into surprising image tricks with minimal movement, a kind of sleight-of-hand.

Gadia is a Silverlens-represented artist and has had several solo shows in the Philippines and abroad. The image of the artist is Silverlens. Images of art are from the online showrooms and catalogs of Artsy and Artling and from an artist interview by Luxuo.

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