Beejay Esber

In his own articulation, Filipino contemporary artist Beejay Esber captures visual noise in a framework of assorted allegory. By removing himself from the dominating Abstract Expressionism, which focuses on tragic themes of an artist’s soul, Esber finds inspiration in the surrounding culture including album covers, psychedelia, science fiction, comics, and post cyberpunk dystopia. Veering away from the exploration of individual feelings, he instead dwells on communication and messages through codes or language.

Through complex layering of found materials and acrylic paint, Esber's work embodies the dizzying omnipresence of pop culture. They include fragmented, odd images combined and overlapped with one another in order to form a visual story on the canvas. His stylized technique is cut to please the eye but at the same time, there is a particular level of depth and pop where he uses his signature style to create mind-bending visions of euphoria.

Beejay Esber is a Malabon-based artist who majored in Fine Arts in Advertising at the Technological University of the Philippines. He has had numerous solo and group shows in notable galleries across Metro Manila and abroad, namely Finale Art File, West Gallery, Underground Gallery, Mo Space, Blanc Gallery, Pablo Gallery, Vinyl on Vinyl, Secret Fresh, Artery Art Space, Taksu, and more.

Photos: Mo Space, Momentous Arts