The artist in his studio

“You do not need an artist to please the onlookers. Clever portrait painters who flatter the sitters can do that. For sheer entertainment, Walt Disney’s caricatures are guaranteed to please. He is the man you want.” -Vitorio Edades

Heralded as one of the Philippines’ first modern artists, Vitorio Edades (December 23, 1895 – March 7, 1985) was defiant against art that easily gratified viewers’ tastes for pleasant and idyllic imitations of nature or slavish copies of classical art. He championed an art truer to the artist’s personality and emotions than to academic standards, an idea that preceded the Filipino painter’s at times dull and unquestioning preoccupation with self-expression and style in art.

The picture above is of the artist in his San Juan studio.

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